Sodium Cyanide

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Since 1987 Nowata have supplied over 300 000 tonnes of sodium cyanide into Africa. As an integral part of the supply package we train the mine personnel and transport company staff in the safe handling of cyanide and how to deal with an accidental spill. We assist clients to establish an Emergency Response Plan to ensure that an incident anywhere in the supply chain is dealt with quickly and efficiently. All transportation from the cyanide production facility is carried out by ICMC registered companies. We operate our own dedicated incinerators in Ghana and Burkina Faso which are EPA approved for the destruction of cyanide waste packaging.

We are able to supply cyanide in drums (50kg), boxes (1000kg) and sparge containers (+ / – 20 tonnes). The benefit of sparging is that the cyanide is dissolved directly from the bulk container on the mine and no handling of solid cyanide is required. Furthermore there are no packaging disposal problems on the mine.



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