We develop specialized reagents for specific metallurgical problems


Gangue Depressant Manufacture

We developed a manufacturing plant which operated in Zimbabwe from the mid 1980’s until 2002 when industry in the country started to collapse and the availability of foreign currency to purchase raw materials became difficult. The plant produced speciality guar depressants for the Zimbabwean nickel mining industry and exported depressants to Australia, South Africa and West Africa. We also exported guar based smoothing aids to Chile. The plant was closed in 2002 and an expanded operation was built in South Africa.

Flotation Reagent Manufacture

Nowata have been involved in the manufacture of both frothers and speciality collectors for a number of years. We have recently licenced the technology to AfriChem, Ghana, who have started manufacture for the local Ghanian and broader West African market.

BIOX Nutrient Manufacture

Refractory gold ores can be treated by a number of alternative technologies including roasting, pressure oxidation and bacterial oxidation. The agitated tank biological leach process has developed over the past 25 years as a commercially and environmentally attractive alternative to other refractory gold concentrate treatment methods. The bacteria used are naturally occurring and are capable of catalysing sulphide mineral oxidation reactions at temperatures close to ambient. The bacteria derive energy from the oxidation of iron and sulphur species but also require oxygen, and other nutrients to optimise the oxidation process and assist in cell growth. We manufacture nutrients with different nitrogen : phosphorous : potassium ( NPK ) ratios in conjunction with a Belgian company. The nutrient composition can be optimised for different oretypes.

Antiscalant Manufacture

We have developed a range of both low and high temperature antiscalants and these have been successfully used at mines in Ghana, Cote D’Ivoire, Burkina Faso, Senegal and Mauritania.

Because the manufacturing plant is located in Ghana it allows us to custom make the optimum strength reagent for any of the mines which we supply using road transport. The technology has been licenced to a local Ghanaian company, AfriChem.


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