manufacturer and distributor

of speciality chemicals to the mining industry

  • services

    Customised solutions from commissioning through life of mine production

  • ceramic beads

    Ceramic grinding media for fine grinding in gold, platinum and base metals processing

  • manufacturing

    We develop specialized reagents for specific metallurgical problems

Our Best Project

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About Company

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Why Choose Us

Our Development charge are very quite of consisten support for you better.
We have specialization in static and dynamic of your development.
We have highly well of our team work to do the best.

What We Offer

Nowata supply a range of anionic, non-ionic and cationic flocculants from SNF Floerger who are world’s largest water soluble polymer manufacturer. We have Chemists and Metallurgists who are experienced in laboratory testwork and the scale-up of these results to plant operation. We have developed products which are unique to Nowata and are specifically manufactured by SNF for Nowata as a direct result of our testwork programmes. We also supply SNF’s range of "polyamine" and "polydadmac" coagulants.

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